How it Works

We are still developing the system but we are taking expressions of interest from landowners who are keen to learn more and help shape the product.

Our aim is to remove the technical and scientific complexity behind measuring and verifying your land’s carbon. This then is converted into carbon credits which we sell to offsetters.

1. Measure

Using a free and simple mobile application you can:

  1. Outline your land area and type
  2. Accurately measure soil and land carbon
  3. Estimate how many tons of CO2 you can capture yearly

2. Verify

Choose what activities you will undertaken on your land, then:

  1. Automatically measure the change in carbon content over time
  2. Convert the carbon content into internationally verified carbon credits

3. Sell

Get paid for the work you’re doing to capture carbon:

  1. Pre-sell your carbon credits to verified offsetters
  2. Retain your carbon credits to sell at a later date

How is carbon measured and verified?

Our mobile application will connect your land area to open data provided by independent academic institutions and satellite analysis of the land area over time.

You can also optionally use the application to measure specific soil samples in situ just using your camera.

This data is verified and certified using internationally recognised standards and converted into carbon credits.

How is carbon sold?

Your carbon certificates will be owned by you. You can choose to sell them directly yourself on carbon markets.

Alternatively you can sell them through our partner network. Depending on the level of commitment you wish to go for, your carbon can be pre-sold for up to ten years in advance.