Purpose, Team, and Contact Information

What we’re doing

Natural carbon sequestration through soil and related land-based activities is an under-utilised route for addressing our climate emergency. A route moreover which has the potential to make a significant global dent in the amount of carbon we need to urgently remove from our atmosphere.

Our vision is to “democratise” the understanding, process, and mechanics of using land to verifiably capture carbon. Almost as a side-effect we can then improve the financial viability of curating land through improved soil health, biodiversity, and carbon credit ownership.

We are a small team working on this idea.

Core team

Richard Muscat
Richard brought the team together in 2020 with a vision to create a fair, equitable, and hugely impactful carbon capture mechanism.

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Tamara Greenberg
Tamara has a background in financial services and marketing. With Richard she has been working on producing a climate podcast.

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Rachel Martin
Rachel is an experienced product manager and a committed climate activist and cycling advocate. Check out her blog.

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Dom Reed
Dom is a product designer, user experience professional, photographer, welder, illustrator, builder, marketer, …

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Peet Denny
Peet is an experienced CTO, fundraiser, AI consultant, and founder of Brum.AI

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We are proudly supported by NatWest as part of their inaugural Climate Accelerator programme.

Read about NatWest’s commitment

Getting in touch

If you are a land owner, curator, or manager and want to be part of the program please submit your details through this call for applications.

For all other enquiries please email us or call +44 (0) 7480 285 856.